How to live with Strangers (and your Wife)

The last few weeks have proven quite a dramatic, but seamless change in my life. I’ve got married, and I met some wonderful friends who all turned up for the wedding. We’ve had a new housemate move in, and things are generally all happening at once (oh and did I mention that my Wife is now 4 months pregnant?). Yeah, its been quite a few months. Sorry for not keeping you updated, although you probably are only mildly bothered! 

The house is really quite full at the moment, which isn’t a problem, and can actually be quite pleasant, if not in its own chaotic manner. Our new house mate, is pretty cool, a nice guy, getting himself together, and seems generally quite easy to live with. The key though, when living in a confined space certainly seems to be a few rules which are very important. 

Rule 1: Respect another brother (or wife’s) privacy. It is not cool to just burst into someone elses house or room. Come on dude! 

Rule 2: Be honest and open. Communicating has been so important with my now Wife and soul mate. Its pretty damn important with anybody. 

Rule 3: Be cool. Chill-out guys and if you’re not cool, get outside and get some cool fresh, or in a lot our European’s case, damp air. Relax. Chill, be happy with where you are. Now that is cool. 

Optional Rule 4: Share. I love to share things with people, especially about things I am into at the time. Sport and exercise normally are the key ones. Teaching people something they don’t know is pretty damn awesome. You have ‘fed them for life’, as they say. 

I know its quite a short post, but I figured that in the context of things, less is definitely more. 

I hope this helps guys and enjoy your week! 


Talent: Use it.

A while ago I left my ‘steady’ job in the city to find a more meaningful existence doing more of what excited me. It was crazy. At the time I literally left my job to pursue a hobby; Crossfit. I had no idea of how I would pay for any of it, all I knew was that I was now going to live the life I’d intended even if I ended in much more tricky places than I was in now. To begin with I really didn’t have an idea as to what was next. My perspective was clouded by negative influences from my family, and so for a fairly long time I just didn’t give my self the space to start taking definitive steps towards making a life as well as a living.

I think is where we go wrong. Due to the fact that we have ‘things’ pay for, rent, food, car, insurance, gym membership, going out, alcohol, we lose sense of what we’re trying to achieve. Our life becomes geared towards paying for these meaningless things, whilst neglecting all too often our true desires. Isn’t it funny, how many artists do you know, who rarely paint? Or singers who seldom perform, or dancers of work as waitresses in chain restaurants? It’s insane. All of these highly talented people, who don’t feel that what they’re good at is worth anything. People who no longer believe their passion will sustain them. I know this, because I was one of them. Isn’t it sad?

Imagine what the world would look like if people bet on themselves more? Can you imagine who much more ‘art’ there would be. How much more happy people doing what excited them, there would be? I get a sense it would be a pretty special place.

Wherever you are today, in relation to what is that you’ve been meaning and wanting to do, just take a moment to ponder why you haven’t been doing it. What’s the reason? There’s nothing silly about why you haven’t been doing it (time, money, location etc.) but ask yourself if there is just one thing to help you take a step to doing more of what you enjoy, and less of what you don’t. It will most likely be very simple. I’m not going to put ideas in your head with examples, because you’ve got a brain, you know what to do.

Your talents were given to you because they were there to be developed, but most importantly because you were meant to feel joy whilst doing them. That’s the reason we’re here isn’t it? To love who we are, to love what we do, to be excited by the possibilities and have a wonderful adventure making them happen.

I have a lot more to say, but you will have to wait for me to publish it because today that’s enough. Life is good, it sorts things out for you, just let it, if you feel disgruntled by your job, don’t quit, just breath deep, relax, and embrace whatever it has there, most likely its better than you might sometimes think it is. If you’re bored, enjoy it. That’s when creative times begin!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing,


The Art Of Creation and Life Really Is Awesome

A few days ago I was listening again to an Abraham Hicks seminar, that was talking about the process of allowing. The idea that we need not visualise, we need not make requests, all that is necessary is simply to find relief. Find relief from where you are, look for the thought that feels better. The simplicity of it all often throughs people. I often thought it was more complicated, more convoluted, as if it were a formula that I had to access, and once I had access, all my dreams would manifest right in front of my eyes.

Creation is an active process. Its keeping up with who you have become, you, all that you’ve lived, all your fully formed ideas, wants, and everything else inbetween. Keeping up, by going with it, finding that improved feeling is really the work that you need do. Everything else should be a joy. If its not, then find some relief before carrying on.

It literally is that simple. Life is seriously good. The sooner that you realise it the better. You are better than you realise, far better than you can comprehend. You life, as a result of all that you have lived is there to get seriously good for you. I mean absolutely wonderful. So wonderful that you’ll have you socks blown off, for want of a better phrase, thank you Abraham, by what will show up. Loving where you are, no, not loving, because thats not even necessary, its just learning where you are that’s made the difference to me.

Today, I was working out in the glorious sunshine, my hands were muddy from the soil I was moving, I was surrounded by lovely people, in a beautiful part of the country, and I was happy. I was gardening. It was simple, it was enjoyable, and I would have not rathered be anywhere else in the world. Today, I am a rich man. I am alive, I worked, I enjoyed wonderful food, outside in glorious weather, I exercised, I was having wonderful thoughts about my life, and where its heading. Its about the journey that is important, and today will be remembered as a day where I was rich. Rich in live, rich in living, rich in company, and rich in family.

Its these days, and moments that truly are what life is about. Make the effort to enjoy the journey, and the destination will take care of itself.

You don’t have to figure it all out at once, where you are is really quite good, the people around you are pretty awesome, your finances are where they need to be, your health is where it needs to be. You cannot change anything right now, this instant, other than your thinking, make an effort, find that which pleases you, and especially you, it only needs to please you, and you will find a wealth of power far greater than you ever imagined within you.

Life truly is awesome, creating is easy, enjoy the ride.

The Importance of a Morning Intention

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a week or so as its something that has showed up quite a lot in the past few days of losing sight of the goal I had mind, and set forth when I decided that feeling good no matter what was my priority.

We all have goals, aspirations, and routines. In the morning, without thinking about we often go through a certain number of actions that get us started for the rest of the day. Some, are better at it than others, but generally we all have a routine.

In this case its very easy for the familiarity of our mornings to become somewhat unstimulating, and often doesn’t fully prepare us for the day. In a sense we bumble through our mornings and hence tend to bumble through our day. I recently experienced this when although I was practicing improved perspective (I like that!),  on things in general, it is noticeable when each day is not started with that intention in mind. In my case, it was if I tended not to meditate that morning, things showed a definite difference, very quickly, due to a slightly ropey state. Before I get any more self-indulgent, I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

To cut a long paragraph short, get your day off to an intentional good start, and its more likely that the momentum will continue. Continue reading

Family: The Wonderful Every Day Teachers (and Ego Busters)

Well this is something new. Today I’m going to write, and then title it and see what you think.

I’m gonna talk about family and how they interelate with our lives and how they form such a fundamental part of that stable foundation from which to spring forth and launch out into the world. Leaving us, well equiped to tackle lifes challenges in whatever form they come in. Family is to me, the next most important thing after eating, sleeping, having a place to stay, and comes before dare I say it, sex.

Without family, (insert sense of community and belonging) we are a lonely ship, floating about the sea with little to help guide it. Family is the sails, crew and sometimes advisor to the navigator. My family are deeply important to me, and I’m sure yours are just as important to you. It can show your greatest strengths, but also your greatest weaknesses. In my case, my weaknesses have for sometime been on the forefront of dinner time conversation, however, of late, there has been a notable improvement. Perhaps its because of the way I feel. I would like to say it is, however, a greater change is a foot. By being softer, more compassionate, and understanding, and appreciative of what each member has to offer (and they do have a lot to offer), I am learning, that the very same emotion has been little by little, shining back on me. Continue reading

How Blogging is Changing Business; an Amateurs Perspective

Having only been writing blogs on/off for the last year or so, its become apparent that the way I often think about marketing a business is quite different from how the average business owner seems to think of it. A business now has the avenue of a blog, and website, to provide (massive) extra value to their customers. Not only that, but a blog can be more than just a marketing avenue. To some it can be an entity which inspires, and can literally change someones life, just through what someone has written. Now isn’t that marketing?

Blogs are personal, they are more of a self promotion, they allow the customer to see more deeply into the mind of the owner of a business. Writing demonstrates the level of sincerity with which the writer has written. It coveys an element of vulnerability about it, that never really before had marketing avenues been able to explore in the traditional sense of billboards, and television ads. Continue reading

Relationships, Stumbling Blocks and Solutions

Relationships are complex, and yet so simple.

Yesterday, I learned something quite poignant for me, which seemed to make a huge difference to my interaction and mood at a family get-together at my Dad’s house. We had Aunt’s and Uncles over, as well as my 93 year old Granny. For me, family gatherings have always been a little boring. I really struggled to find topics of interest that matched between me and my Aunts and Uncles and even cousins to a degree. It always, up until now felt slightly awkward, and slightly draining. However, over the last 6 months, with what I’ve been studying with Abraham Hicks I figured that I would apply their most fundamental and basic concept to what is normally an uninspiring interaction. I got happy (its a youtube link so watch your sound). In fact, before they arrived I went into the bathroom, and just looked at myself in mirror, realising that what we like or dislike about ourselves is reflected back to us in others. So I decided that no matter what happens I like me. I like many things about me, and if I can learn to really like me, then I can certainly find things I like about my relatives. Already I felt better, in a strange kind of way. Needless to say, the afternoon was fun! Possibly the best gathering yet. I actually enjoyed it for what it was. Ideas started popping into my head, I wanted to ask more questions, I wanted to get to know the real people behind what they did, where they lived, or who they knew. It was truly amazing. Continue reading