Talent: Use it.

A while ago I left my ‘steady’ job in the city to find a more meaningful existence doing more of what excited me. It was crazy. At the time I literally left my job to pursue a hobby; Crossfit. I had no idea of how I would pay for any of it, all I knew was that I was now going to live the life I’d intended even if I ended in much more tricky places than I was in now. To begin with I really didn’t have an idea as to what was next. My perspective was clouded by negative influences from my family, and so for a fairly long time I just didn’t give my self the space to start taking definitive steps towards making a life as well as a living.

I think is where we go wrong. Due to the fact that we have ‘things’ pay for, rent, food, car, insurance, gym membership, going out, alcohol, we lose sense of what we’re trying to achieve. Our life becomes geared towards paying for these meaningless things, whilst neglecting all too often our true desires. Isn’t it funny, how many artists do you know, who rarely paint? Or singers who seldom perform, or dancers of work as waitresses in chain restaurants? It’s insane. All of these highly talented people, who don’t feel that what they’re good at is worth anything. People who no longer believe their passion will sustain them. I know this, because I was one of them. Isn’t it sad?

Imagine what the world would look like if people bet on themselves more? Can you imagine who much more ‘art’ there would be. How much more happy people doing what excited them, there would be? I get a sense it would be a pretty special place.

Wherever you are today, in relation to what is that you’ve been meaning and wanting to do, just take a moment to ponder why you haven’t been doing it. What’s the reason? There’s nothing silly about why you haven’t been doing it (time, money, location etc.) but ask yourself if there is just one thing to help you take a step to doing more of what you enjoy, and less of what you don’t. It will most likely be very simple. I’m not going to put ideas in your head with examples, because you’ve got a brain, you know what to do.

Your talents were given to you because they were there to be developed, but most importantly because you were meant to feel joy whilst doing them. That’s the reason we’re here isn’t it? To love who we are, to love what we do, to be excited by the possibilities and have a wonderful adventure making them happen.

I have a lot more to say, but you will have to wait for me to publish it because today that’s enough. Life is good, it sorts things out for you, just let it, if you feel disgruntled by your job, don’t quit, just breath deep, relax, and embrace whatever it has there, most likely its better than you might sometimes think it is. If you’re bored, enjoy it. That’s when creative times begin!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing,



Work as Infinite Play

There is change afoot, and I’m sure you’ve noticed it. At this point in time we are standing in a place where our ideas of how life could be lived is being changed, reshaped and re-formed. Teachers from around the globe are coming to fairly similar ideas about life, love and what we are here to do in general in our short space of time.

Tim Ferriss wrote about in the 4 Hour Work Week, Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits is a testament to turning passion into a full-time career, and countless others have done the same. Bashar talks about following your highest excitement. It is the same thing.

The key is that these guys took little, manageable leaps of faith, and trusted that it would work out. More than that, they knew it would work, it time and focus, but predominantly they did what excited them, and amazingly they all become highly successful in their respect fields.

The lesson in all of this, is to have the courage to in any moment, do that which excites you most.

Last night I was watching a film called “What Happens in Vegas”, it was on t.v. and in case you haven’t heard about it, the story goes that a guy and girl for different reasons, and from different walks of life, end up, on a drunken night getting married. In the morning, although its a surprise at first, they decide its better to end it there and then, however, in twist, they win three million dollars. The court rules they have to live as a married couple for six months in order to have access to the three million dollars.

The story line although a little Hollywood, has some great truths in it. The character Jack mentions he “rather be happy doing nothing, than doing something he hated”. That line stuck with me, because imagining that is quite a liberating thought. If it were, it essentially is talking about following what you’re passionate about, and really trusting that things will work out. Now, he is umemployed throughout, having been fired by his Dad, but the message is undiluted.

Imagine what life would be like for you if you decided to, in any conscious moment, do that which excited you most. Think about what you would do right now. Scary isn’t it? Liberating and frightening at the same time. The trick is doing the thing which excites you the most, but without any expectation other than it pleases you in the moment.

That’s the cool part about this. Its very easy to be criticised at first for following through with this, however, by trusting what is the thing that pleases you most, and having the faith that you will be fully supported, is the most exhilarating experience. It puts you in the drivers seat, and the more often you do it, the more you’ll begin to realise that oddly, although as time passes not so oddly, that miraculously as if by magic the necessary components just line up. Now that is the cool part to this.

Today, or right now, see if you can go and do the thing which excites you most, its pretty easy with a bit of practice. It literally just takes a little more faith in yourself, than usual, but its very cool when you do, and it feels great.

Ode to an Adventurer

Leave behind all the shoulds, the pettiness, and the fear of unknown. Leave behind the wants and needs of others, just a little while. Leave behind the roles responsibilities and reputations (spot the alliteration?), and strike out, trusting you and only you. Do not go and be a door mat anymore, do not listen to others when they berate you, or leave you feeling deflated. Listen only to that feeling within that can always be trusted, and will always look out for you, because that inherently is you, and is your voice, yourself, that if you get your head out of other people’s business and put your head squarely, honestly and resolutely back on yours. The feeling of excitement, that builds and builds when you feel yourself on the path, keep following it…that is the mark of a great person. That is the mark of an adventurer, and the never ending adventure which you will experience, will always bring you to somewhere far better than you ever could have imagined.

The Art Of Creation and Life Really Is Awesome

A few days ago I was listening again to an Abraham Hicks seminar, that was talking about the process of allowing. The idea that we need not visualise, we need not make requests, all that is necessary is simply to find relief. Find relief from where you are, look for the thought that feels better. The simplicity of it all often throughs people. I often thought it was more complicated, more convoluted, as if it were a formula that I had to access, and once I had access, all my dreams would manifest right in front of my eyes.

Creation is an active process. Its keeping up with who you have become, you, all that you’ve lived, all your fully formed ideas, wants, and everything else inbetween. Keeping up, by going with it, finding that improved feeling is really the work that you need do. Everything else should be a joy. If its not, then find some relief before carrying on.

It literally is that simple. Life is seriously good. The sooner that you realise it the better. You are better than you realise, far better than you can comprehend. You life, as a result of all that you have lived is there to get seriously good for you. I mean absolutely wonderful. So wonderful that you’ll have you socks blown off, for want of a better phrase, thank you Abraham, by what will show up. Loving where you are, no, not loving, because thats not even necessary, its just learning where you are that’s made the difference to me.

Today, I was working out in the glorious sunshine, my hands were muddy from the soil I was moving, I was surrounded by lovely people, in a beautiful part of the country, and I was happy. I was gardening. It was simple, it was enjoyable, and I would have not rathered be anywhere else in the world. Today, I am a rich man. I am alive, I worked, I enjoyed wonderful food, outside in glorious weather, I exercised, I was having wonderful thoughts about my life, and where its heading. Its about the journey that is important, and today will be remembered as a day where I was rich. Rich in live, rich in living, rich in company, and rich in family.

Its these days, and moments that truly are what life is about. Make the effort to enjoy the journey, and the destination will take care of itself.

You don’t have to figure it all out at once, where you are is really quite good, the people around you are pretty awesome, your finances are where they need to be, your health is where it needs to be. You cannot change anything right now, this instant, other than your thinking, make an effort, find that which pleases you, and especially you, it only needs to please you, and you will find a wealth of power far greater than you ever imagined within you.

Life truly is awesome, creating is easy, enjoy the ride.

How To Be Enlightened: Remember the World Is Fundamentally Good To You.

Upon looking back at my life, its difficult not see that the most profound experiences I have had, all tell me a commonality which is so prevalent that I cannot ignore it. At its base the ‘universe’, ‘world’ or whatever you want to call it is categorically, and unwaveringly good.

Its so important to keep this in mind when it appears that all is falling down around us. Things always have worked out for me. They, if you’re honest, always seem to have worked out for you.  I mean, you’re here reading this post, so something must be keeping you alive! Continue reading

How to Succeed: Fail Many Times.

Alfred Pennyworth ( Michael Caine ):
“Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”
Batman ( Christian Bale ):
“You still haven’t given up on me?”
Alfred Pennyworth ( Michael Caine ):

As you may have noticed, there is a gap in my writing. I failed to make writing a habit. However, I realised something. To me, I discovered I don’t need to make writing a habit. When I feel the urge, I write, and that happens often. So I’m taking the pressure off. I’m kicking back and going to be writing about another little project I’ve been playing around with. Remember Abraham Hicks? Well, seriously, when we get that balance right, and we’re in that state of being happy where we are, and eager and excited for more, things just seem to flow. They just seem to happen, organically, in the right order, in the right time, with the right people. Continue reading

How to Feel Good Regardless…

Just a short one today. Or maybe not, we’ll have to see.

Be present. Today, go about it being right here, right now. Experience it, be conscious of it. See things for what they are. Expect good things, even if you can’t see them. Feel good, even if the things around you speak otherwise. Look for the good stuff in your now. In your present, and once you find it, feel it. Feel that nothing is really ever that bad. That things always get better. That if you really choose, your life can be better, with more exciting things to do, cool people to meet, or fun things to have. Continue reading