Talent: Use it.

A while ago I left my ‘steady’ job in the city to find a more meaningful existence doing more of what excited me. It was crazy. At the time I literally left my job to pursue a hobby; Crossfit. I had no idea of how I would pay for any of it, all I knew was that I was now going to live the life I’d intended even if I ended in much more tricky places than I was in now. To begin with I really didn’t have an idea as to what was next. My perspective was clouded by negative influences from my family, and so for a fairly long time I just didn’t give my self the space to start taking definitive steps towards making a life as well as a living.

I think is where we go wrong. Due to the fact that we have ‘things’ pay for, rent, food, car, insurance, gym membership, going out, alcohol, we lose sense of what we’re trying to achieve. Our life becomes geared towards paying for these meaningless things, whilst neglecting all too often our true desires. Isn’t it funny, how many artists do you know, who rarely paint? Or singers who seldom perform, or dancers of work as waitresses in chain restaurants? It’s insane. All of these highly talented people, who don’t feel that what they’re good at is worth anything. People who no longer believe their passion will sustain them. I know this, because I was one of them. Isn’t it sad?

Imagine what the world would look like if people bet on themselves more? Can you imagine who much more ‘art’ there would be. How much more happy people doing what excited them, there would be? I get a sense it would be a pretty special place.

Wherever you are today, in relation to what is that you’ve been meaning and wanting to do, just take a moment to ponder why you haven’t been doing it. What’s the reason? There’s nothing silly about why you haven’t been doing it (time, money, location etc.) but ask yourself if there is just one thing to help you take a step to doing more of what you enjoy, and less of what you don’t. It will most likely be very simple. I’m not going to put ideas in your head with examples, because you’ve got a brain, you know what to do.

Your talents were given to you because they were there to be developed, but most importantly because you were meant to feel joy whilst doing them. That’s the reason we’re here isn’t it? To love who we are, to love what we do, to be excited by the possibilities and have a wonderful adventure making them happen.

I have a lot more to say, but you will have to wait for me to publish it because today that’s enough. Life is good, it sorts things out for you, just let it, if you feel disgruntled by your job, don’t quit, just breath deep, relax, and embrace whatever it has there, most likely its better than you might sometimes think it is. If you’re bored, enjoy it. That’s when creative times begin!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing,



Be Yourself

be the teacher, the person you are, be the up-lifter you know you can be. That’s the only way to live. Living is about becoming more than we already are. Its about standing where you are, and realising that as a result of what you have experienced you, you have a complete and absolute right to wanting what you want; if you grew up feeling poor, know without a doubt you’d rather be wealthy, if you felt unloved, you are more worthy of being adored, if you felt unattractive, you deserve to feel fricking amazing.

It’s simple as that.

The Importance of a Morning Intention

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a week or so as its something that has showed up quite a lot in the past few days of losing sight of the goal I had mind, and set forth when I decided that feeling good no matter what was my priority.

We all have goals, aspirations, and routines. In the morning, without thinking about we often go through a certain number of actions that get us started for the rest of the day. Some, are better at it than others, but generally we all have a routine.

In this case its very easy for the familiarity of our mornings to become somewhat unstimulating, and often doesn’t fully prepare us for the day. In a sense we bumble through our mornings and hence tend to bumble through our day. I recently experienced this when although I was practicing improved perspective (I like that!),  on things in general, it is noticeable when each day is not started with that intention in mind. In my case, it was if I tended not to meditate that morning, things showed a definite difference, very quickly, due to a slightly ropey state. Before I get any more self-indulgent, I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

To cut a long paragraph short, get your day off to an intentional good start, and its more likely that the momentum will continue. Continue reading

How to Feel Good Regardless…

Just a short one today. Or maybe not, we’ll have to see.

Be present. Today, go about it being right here, right now. Experience it, be conscious of it. See things for what they are. Expect good things, even if you can’t see them. Feel good, even if the things around you speak otherwise. Look for the good stuff in your now. In your present, and once you find it, feel it. Feel that nothing is really ever that bad. That things always get better. That if you really choose, your life can be better, with more exciting things to do, cool people to meet, or fun things to have. Continue reading

Let the Games Begin, An Experiment of One Month

Tomorrow, I’ll be beginning the next passage to build another habit which I trust will be interesting. This habit will be two fold. In getting up earlier, I’ll be looking to make it one of the first things of my day to create something. I’ll be giving myself 15 minutes the first week, and see how that goes. 15 minutes to create something fun. 15 minutes of just looking to produce something worthwhile (or not as the case may be). It maybe a video, it may be a blog post it may be something completely different from that, the intention is not anything specific, just 15 minutes of fun. This will most likely be straight after my list of appreciation, so it is I hope to become part of my morning routine. To make the first part of my day dedicated to moving towards a life of creativity in whatever form that takes. Continue reading

Decisions Decisions, what will you choose?

No matter how big a so called mistake you make, it can always be reversed. I learnt this on a number of occassions, but the one which sticks out the most is one I made to leave my academic career behind in the middle of the exam period. I left for roughly one month, in a mad crazed frenzy determinded to go and become a fisherman in Tahiti (seriously that was what was going through my head at the time). I managed to get as far as Spain on what was left of my student loan (I know!!) with my car, a few items, and that was basically it. I came back, hat in hand, feeling quite sorry for myself, and £1000 or so, in debt. I thought my life was over.

It wasn’t until I went back to the university to attend a black tie dinner for the rowing club, and a friend suggested that I try and see if they let me back on the course. Amazingly, they did. Through all of this, it really helped me understand that no decision is ever so bad that we cannot forgive ourselves. That we cannot come to enjoy being in our own skin. That even when we feel like we’ve made the biggest mistake of our lives, we can always, and I really mean always, get back on track. Whether its getting over a lost soul mate, or getting into more debt than we feel we can ever possibly pay it all back.

Like I said, we never ever get it wrong, and never get it done. When we get to one level of perspective, there will always be points that we want to explore further. We never ever ‘get there’ or make it. We are always growing. Indecision boils from the idea that we might get it wrong some how, that we will get off track. However, this is never the case. We never get it wrong. Ever!


Crossfit, Why I love it (and How It Could Change Your Life)

Earlier in April 2011, I was looking for a community of people who were more like me, who I could meet, train with and share similar perspectives on all things to do with nutrition and exercise. I looked through forums on Marks Daily Apple and attempted to form a meet up with fellow readers, however this didn’t work. I needed a group who already were into this stuff, and trained similarly to how I did. The answer snuck in the back door as most of them do, when I was idly searching the Crossfit website for gyms in my area (which I was convinced there were none) and found one literally less than 15 minutes away. I suggested to my brother we go to their session (it started at 6:00pm, and the time was about 5:40pm) and give it a whirl, he was game, so we went. I’ve never looked back. Continue reading