Manifesto de Archie

This has been inspired by a page I saw on Mark Urban’s Living On Impulse, which was inspired by a TED talk from Simon Sinek (yes this is secondary inspiration!).

  • I am responsible for my own shit, so don’t take what I say personally.
  • I am the creator my life, no one else holds this power over me.
  • Being confident cannot be faked.
  • We are all inate geniuses, some of us are better at realising this than others.
  • The only work we have to do is get out of our own damn way and learn how to enjoy the ride.
  • Patterns are lessons, fix a pattern, and I’ve learnt a lesson.
  • Cooking is fun.
  • Sitting for long periods at a desk is bad for my health and well being. Instead I lunge, squat, stand, or organise!
  • Money always shows up when I need it.
  • There is so much in this world I haven’t already experienced, and I humbly wish to learn and experience as much of it as I can.
  • Change your home and family life and you can change your whole life.
  • Change one thing and everything changes (its dynamic, innit!)
  • Stay away from large crowds, its a small groups that are always more interesting. Hence, I would far rather have a few select friends over a few drinks and a meal than be somewhere with hundreds of people I don’t know, and didn’t choose to be around.
  • Victims and bullies all share a common thread.
  • I always have the ability to change how I feel.
  • We are literally extensions of God energy.
  • Every day I am free to choose how I respond to the situation that I am presented with.
  • Creation is life.
  • The purpose of it all is to feel good. That basis of why we do what we do is because we think we will feel better in the accomplishment of it.
  • I am worthy of me. You are worthy of you.
  • People in our every day lives are our greatest teachers.
  • We don’t have to be anywhere else to experience the life we dream of.
  • Think and feel, think and feel.
  • All the power in the world is located right here in a place called Now.
  • We have nothing that we came here to do, other than to enjoy it, a day is never wasted, except if it is spent feeling bad.
  • Life is simpler than we imagine it to be.
  • The lessons we most need to learn, are those that we feel the strongest desire to teach.
  • We see as we are; what we like or dislike in others is merely a reflection of ourselves.
  • My life, first and foremost is about my relationship with myself, everything else is secondary.

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