The Next (Lent) Challenge

Every year when Lent comes around, most people think about giving up something. It seems fairly standard to avoid Chocolate, or just sweet foods, or go without alcohol, or cigarettes. What I want to challenge you guys reading this, is to see whether there is anything that you would like to do.

Whether that’s 10 minutes of exercise, or more reading, or spending more time with friends, or something cooler like ‘more ice fishing’, I don’t know, but the point is definitely think of a the next 30-40 days to consistently do something that you could make into a habit.

Shrove Tuesday is always about feast before the fast, I’d like to think that today could be time for some reflection to decide what would be cool to do, and make a habit.

Food for thought, I say!


How to live with Strangers (and your Wife)

The last few weeks have proven quite a dramatic, but seamless change in my life. I’ve got married, and I met some wonderful friends who all turned up for the wedding. We’ve had a new housemate move in, and things are generally all happening at once (oh and did I mention that my Wife is now 4 months pregnant?). Yeah, its been quite a few months. Sorry for not keeping you updated, although you probably are only mildly bothered! 

The house is really quite full at the moment, which isn’t a problem, and can actually be quite pleasant, if not in its own chaotic manner. Our new house mate, is pretty cool, a nice guy, getting himself together, and seems generally quite easy to live with. The key though, when living in a confined space certainly seems to be a few rules which are very important. 

Rule 1: Respect another brother (or wife’s) privacy. It is not cool to just burst into someone elses house or room. Come on dude! 

Rule 2: Be honest and open. Communicating has been so important with my now Wife and soul mate. Its pretty damn important with anybody. 

Rule 3: Be cool. Chill-out guys and if you’re not cool, get outside and get some cool fresh, or in a lot our European’s case, damp air. Relax. Chill, be happy with where you are. Now that is cool. 

Optional Rule 4: Share. I love to share things with people, especially about things I am into at the time. Sport and exercise normally are the key ones. Teaching people something they don’t know is pretty damn awesome. You have ‘fed them for life’, as they say. 

I know its quite a short post, but I figured that in the context of things, less is definitely more. 

I hope this helps guys and enjoy your week! 

Its Time

Ever been nervous?

Today, as you go about you day, ask yourself, what is excites me most right now? You will know the answer immediately, because in any moment, we probably have only 2 or 3 truly viable options to act upon in the moment, left, right, back, forward, whatever it is, don’t judge it, and just do it. If it scares you, even better, that means you’ve gotta do it 🙂

A New Definition of Money

Why is it that we want money? Its a currency, its necessary to use it to live, but a very interesting thought occurred to me recently which has completely changed the way I now think about it.

Its not what money is that we want. Its not the number on paper we need, or figures in the bank account, staring idly at us from our computer screen. No, its something far greater. What money represents is freedom. Its is the feeling of freedom that we want.

We don’t want money, what we want is freedom. Freedom from worry, freedom from sadness, freedom from that sick feeling we have in our stomachs when a bill comes in, or our phone rings.

We want that feeling that we can do anything. That if we feel like it, we can just take a plane ride to Rome for the weekend if the moment takes us. Or buy that Audi R8 that we so love the look of. Or buy all organic, well treated beef. Or take the trip to the wine region we’ve always enjoyed drinking from. Its all of those things we want. We want freedom.

So, think about it. How different does it feel to to think about wanting freedom, instead of money? Its somehow lighter, more inspiring, more exciting. Freedom is the new money, and I want a lot of it!

Less Thinky, More Feely

Short and Sweet.

What was it like before we had words in our heads, and all the trains of thought, with pictures and fears and fantasies. Before we had all the clutter, what was it like?

Do you reckon that we as kids felt more, and thought less? Do you remember that carefree attitude of the great days being a child, where the world seemed exciting, filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered. What happened to that? Continue reading