My name is Archie Cunningham and this is an experiment. I’m writing this blog, becaue I love writing about stuff I’m learning, and sharing it with others. I am looking to develop my voice. What I will be doing with this blog is writing about anything and everything that I am learning, and I hope to pass at least some of it, onto you. I intend to write at least three times a week, however for the first month, to make writing this a habit, I will be posting every day. I see this as an evolution, to see where my interests lead to.

You’ll probably find that most of the topics revolve around fitness, exercise, psychology, and cool people doing amazing things. I’ll probably end up branching off and creating new blogs to fit the more specific subject areas as they become more developed, (and I become more knowledgable).

Currently I am in the process of freeing myself from giving time for money, and am developing sources of income that allow me too: go travelling, my trip will be a complete round the world tour, ranging from places like New Zealand and Australia (to play rugby and train crossfit, among other things), San Francisco and California, to Canada to go snowboarding. I will be honing my diet, getting it closer to Paleo/Primal than it is now. Becoming qualified in Crossfit, and Rugby Coaching programs.

Thats all I can think of right now, I don’t want to bore you, but that’s me for now, have fun reading!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. your blog is super entertaining to read. they make me happy i guess:) u have a way of making the world seem a better place than it is and putting things into a brighter perspective. i like it 🙂

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