One Point of View…

Drew this up on  a big A1 sheet while I was at work. We need reminders like these.


Ode to an Adventurer

Leave behind all the shoulds, the pettiness, and the fear of unknown. Leave behind the wants and needs of others, just a little while. Leave behind the roles responsibilities and reputations (spot the alliteration?), and strike out, trusting you and only you. Do not go and be a door mat anymore, do not listen to others when they berate you, or leave you feeling deflated. Listen only to that feeling within that can always be trusted, and will always look out for you, because that inherently is you, and is your voice, yourself, that if you get your head out of other people’s business and put your head squarely, honestly and resolutely back on yours. The feeling of excitement, that builds and builds when you feel yourself on the path, keep following it…that is the mark of a great person. That is the mark of an adventurer, and the never ending adventure which you will experience, will always bring you to somewhere far better than you ever could have imagined.

Bugger New Years Resolutions…

The First of a Few...(see even I wanted to improve and remove this tiny little cartoon drawn on a post-it note).

Its the beginning of a new year, isn’t that a scary thought? I barely even got the last one going.

This year is going to be different. That’s what we all say. Every year, every day, I say, “this is going to be beginning of my big change” where Archie comes into his fullest greatest, most fantastically amazing self. However, really, how long does this last? It’s certainly not permanent.

This year I have one non-resolution, to f**k new year resolutions. Screw it. Screw all of it. I’m bored and tired of holding myself to these unnecessary resolutions to change my life. This year, let yourself off the hook. Screw all those resolutions. Do what you enjoy. Focus as often as you can on what you like. Screw everything else. In the moment, look for that which excites and interests you. That’s all.  Screw resolutions (they’re not necessary anyway).

This year, indulge in being who you would like to be, doing what you would like to do, getting what you would like to have. That is all. I’ve had enough of personal development, I’m developed enough already, I’m now enjoying life. Go do the same.