What A Wonderful Life

When you think about, life truly is amazing. It just works. Your lungs just seem to breath, your heart seems to beat, you cells rejuvenate, your brain still works, you nerves respond, you lips feel touch, and the birds keep flying, and the world keeps turning, and the trees keep growing, and the wind keeps blowing, and sun keeps shining and the fish keep swimming, and everything in between. It just is.

There is nothing that anyone has to do to keep yourself alive other than respond to urges that come from within us; eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty, move when you want to move, and sit when you want to sit and sleep when you want to sleep. Its really so simple. There really isn’t much to it, when you think about it. Forget everything that people say we need to do, forget all of that, and just listen to yourself.

Let everything else go. Let it be. I mean everything. Let your desires be the reason you do something. The desires to go for a walk, the desire to eat good food, the desire to laugh and play, the desire to be happy, let those be the reason to do things. Its so simple. So easy, why hadn’t I thought of it before?

If you’re not happy with something, be honest you’re not happy, and look to change it. If you want something different to what you’re getting, look in other places than what you’ve been doing. Do that which you want. Think that which you want, and pretty much everything else follows.

I’ve been doing this, and really to me, my life feels good. It feels like it should do, it feels fun and exciting, its feel alive, it feels like I’m in tune with myself and more honest with myself than ever before. It feels just wonderful. Life will do that too for you, it might already be doing that, let me know. You’ll start seeing people who are living extraordinary lives, and feel nothing but appreciation for them, and excitement that really you could have something similar. You find that everything looks good, and that there are solutions for everything. You find that love and life are two of the same things. That everything works out for you, and that it feels so damn good to be you.

Keep your eyes open, the world is there to be experienced, lived and loved, it pretty awesome. Don’t you love it?

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