What A Wonderful Life

When you think about, life truly is amazing. It just works. Your lungs just seem to breath, your heart seems to beat, you cells rejuvenate, your brain still works, you nerves respond, you lips feel touch, and the birds keep flying, and the world keeps turning, and the trees keep growing, and the wind keeps blowing, and sun keeps shining and the fish keep swimming, and everything in between. It just is.

There is nothing that anyone has to do to keep yourself alive other than respond to urges that come from within us; eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty, move when you want to move, and sit when you want to sit and sleep when you want to sleep. Its really so simple. There really isn’t much to it, when you think about it. Forget everything that people say we need to do, forget all of that, and just listen to yourself. Continue reading


Wherever You Are, There You Are

Lots have happened in the last few weeks, as you can see I haven’t exactly been posting all that often. I’m here write about what’s happened.

Well, I recently just started a new job, which entails going up to London and consulting on renewable energy finance. I am here because this job was easy to come by, it fell in my lap. It felt like the next logical step. The sad thing is that I guess, its pretty much on a similar kind of feeling vibration to my university degree; I spent much of it in a mild state of boredom.

So I guess now I got to face up to this particular belief. The belief that work, for me is boring. I’d like to change that. For me, as I am learning, its all about what is in your vibration. I am seeing that day in day out. The same kind of traits that I notice in new people, are those of the people I saw in old friends, not all of which I like, but mostly I just spot them, and see what I can do about it. Continue reading