A New Definition of Money

Why is it that we want money? Its a currency, its necessary to use it to live, but a very interesting thought occurred to me recently which has completely changed the way I now think about it.

Its not what money is that we want. Its not the number on paper we need, or figures in the bank account, staring idly at us from our computer screen. No, its something far greater. What money represents is freedom. Its is the feeling of freedom that we want.

We don’t want money, what we want is freedom. Freedom from worry, freedom from sadness, freedom from that sick feeling we have in our stomachs when a bill comes in, or our phone rings.

We want that feeling that we can do anything. That if we feel like it, we can just take a plane ride to Rome for the weekend if the moment takes us. Or buy that Audi R8 that we so love the look of. Or buy all organic, well treated beef. Or take the trip to the wine region we’ve always enjoyed drinking from. Its all of those things we want. We want freedom.

So, think about it. How different does it feel to to think about wanting freedom, instead of money? Its somehow lighter, more inspiring, more exciting. Freedom is the new money, and I want a lot of it!

One thought on “A New Definition of Money

  1. Well said Archie. My grandfather always asks me why I wanted to become a millionaire and I’ve always told him “I want complete freedom” to do anything. You are right the feeling that means the most is not wanting money but the access it provides. I always want the ability to create and to help people. Thank you articulating thoughts on money.

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