How To Be Enlightened: Remember the World Is Fundamentally Good To You.

Upon looking back at my life, its difficult not see that the most profound experiences I have had, all tell me a commonality which is so prevalent that I cannot ignore it. At its base the ‘universe’, ‘world’ or whatever you want to call it is categorically, and unwaveringly good.

Its so important to keep this in mind when it appears that all is falling down around us. Things always have worked out for me. They, if you’re honest, always seem to have worked out for you.  I mean, you’re here reading this post, so something must be keeping you alive!

I was travelling in the caribbean, and I went four days with virtually no money, and yet, I was never poor, my friends helped me out, and in no time at all I was back earning lots of money on the superyachts, wondering why I even worried for a second that I might not be able to do this. I met a guy on the beach, and later that month I had a job on his boat. I was being myself, hanging out in the caribbean beautiful sunshine, just about to go windsurfing, and there I meet him. In fact, it was I time where I clearly was myself. I had no roles to fulfil at home, and I could do as I pleased. I got to work on time every day by hitch-hiking! I mean how many times can you claim that you’ve done that. At the time it seemed normal. It was exciting. Low and behold I always got a lift! It was amazing.

I had some absolutely phenomenally wonderful synchronicities occur when I was more relaxed, more chilled out, and more happy than I had ever been. Now wasn’t this telling me something? That struggle is my own doing. That we merely need to take the next logical step. Its an incredibly liberating realisation that when I was happiest, I had some amazing experiences.

What is so brilliant about this, is that it is purely an attitudinal thing, not circumstancial. I’ve had events like that occur many times, and it never ceases to delight me when it happens. Have a little faith and realise that we really are moving towards something better, bigger, more fantastic than we currently can imagine. Then relax into that feeling of security. Trust me, its there, now go find it!

No book is necessary, no guru need be consulted, you are the one who can work things out, and you are more incredible than you know. Everything in your environment is geared up to remind you that.

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