Morning Musings

If you look at, the world around us actually a pretty well balanced place. Nature in general always seems to be finding balance in one form or another, take a look at how a tree raps around and digs under road and tarmac, or grows in ways that always point towards the sun. Do we ever worry about bees not pollinating plants? Honestly?

Really the only ones who seem to make such a cuffefel that the world is going to end, and there is so much bad going on, is us. We as humans in general seem to be the ones who have the hardest time believing that all is well, and things always work themselves out. The tabloid media thrives off this.

Going for a walk in a park of forest seems to restore this sense that truly all is well and there really is nothing to fear. It’s why disconnecting from the outside world can be a truly liberating experience. Its why when we retreat to the wilderness we are somewhat refreshed and more alive.

Get outside. Look. Wait. Wonder and marvel at how even in midst of chaos, a tree, or a bird seems to just be getting on with life. Its enjoying it. Its living it. I think I can learn something from the bird in the tree.

One thought on “Morning Musings

  1. It’s perhaps not the ‘wrong’ with the outside world but the ‘wrongs’ in our inside world which do not let us believe that ‘all is well’.

    loved the reassurance….


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