Internal Shoulder Rotation, and Other Misfits.

Last week I decided I was injured. Or more to the point, I finally listened to what my body had been telling me for…um…about 6 months possibly more.

I’ve been training for some time now. Ever since I was about 10 doing pull-ups on the gangway of our boat (please remind me to put a photo of it some day, it really was gorgeous). I’ve been doing push ups and pull-ups and running, and all kinds of training and exercise for a large part of my life, but up until now I never really considered such things as mobility. More to the point, I never really had been injured (properly) and approached the subject with anything other than frustration.

What I’ve discovered is that being injured, for me, has actually become really interesting. It’s made all kinds  of subjects relevant, and has opened up me to a new thirst for knowledge. Namely in this, self diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors are great, but I’ve been to too many, only to discover I already knew what they were going to tell me (hot and cold, add some ibuprofen). Its now made me realise that we seriously need to introduce kids to the concept of prevention over cure.

So to cut a long story short, my left shoulder was flairing up to the point where it was becoming weak, and painful to move. hmmm…shouldn’t I have spotted this earlier? The pain was internal, so naturally I figured that it was some kind musculature issue that needed to remedied. I went onto our trusty mobilty wod and found this amazing video.

Well lets just say that the results from this have been astounding. As well as this I tried, a good stretch which worked a treat.

Now I had never had issues with shoulder mobility until I pushed my bench press limit, and its not really until we really push ourselves that we see issues starting to arise. This is what is so brilliant about the type of the training in Crossfit, in that it really does push you to a point where it shows up all the nasty little issues in your bodies functioning that need to be addressed.

Just doing the squat makes a difference. Thinking about ankle, heal, knew, hip and back positioning all just indicate areas that can be improved upon. So when we’re really pushing our maxes or just training hard, its seriously important to address mobility issues.

Its often one of the most overlooked points of athleticism in the book, and undoubtedly has been a real  break through point for me in that my training has become much more focused on positioning as it has on actual power. As they say, position is power.

Also, another point is that self diagnosis and treatment, can be brought back squarely into your hands if you know where to look. Training is like chess, get smart, and you’ll probably win.

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