Be The Guru…

I’ve always speant a long time looking for my ‘guru’. Someone who will literally tell me, “Archie this is how you should live, and live this way and you’ll enjoy a fantastic meaningful life”. I’m not sure when this spawned out of me, but its an incredibly disempowering belief. That someone outside of you is the answer to all you’ve been looking for.

What is it about this? I’m sure as you’re reading this, you’re reflecting on times when possibly, you may have done the same. Thinking that we need to be told how to live. That someone knows us better than we know ourselves. How wrong was I?

Its often the biggest irony, that the answer we were looking for, (or the set of car keys) is right under nose, in the most obvious, yet most overlooked place. Sure, we get ideas from books, and suggestions about how to do such and such. Jeez, I knew that. I’ve read books for so long thinking that ‘this could be the one’. You don’t need books, you need faith in yourself to succeed, and once you gain access to that feeling of security, you’ll find that your faith in yourself is limitless. You’ve experienced this before, and you’ll experience it again. That feeling of knowing that things will work out right. That feeling of knowing you’re going to make it through. That feeling of pure understanding and faith, that you’re going to, in one or another get to where you so want to go.

Its an incredible feeling, I know, and you know.

Realise this: Everything you’ve been looking for is right inside of you.

Cease from listening to the opinions of others (heck please even take me with a pinch of salt!) and listen to the inner you. That sense of knowing you really are good at your core, and that anything really is damn well possible.

Its easy to quote others. Gandhi said “Be the…” but is it really relevant. You know all this. Now get going and do what you know is right. Bugger everyone else, they don’t know whats truly good for you, only you know that.

Be the guru you’ve been looking for.

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