The Importance of a Morning Intention

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a week or so as its something that has showed up quite a lot in the past few days of losing sight of the goal I had mind, and set forth when I decided that feeling good no matter what was my priority.

We all have goals, aspirations, and routines. In the morning, without thinking about we often go through a certain number of actions that get us started for the rest of the day. Some, are better at it than others, but generally we all have a routine.

In this case its very easy for the familiarity of our mornings to become somewhat unstimulating, and often doesn’t fully prepare us for the day. In a sense we bumble through our mornings and hence tend to bumble through our day. I recently experienced this when although I was practicing improved perspective (I like that!),  on things in general, it is noticeable when each day is not started with that intention in mind. In my case, it was if I tended not to meditate that morning, things showed a definite difference, very quickly, due to a slightly ropey state. Before I get any more self-indulgent, I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

To cut a long paragraph short, get your day off to an intentional good start, and its more likely that the momentum will continue.

For a while, I was looking for that silver bullet, what was that one thing I could do in the day that would change my life. I thought it was meditation, then writing a list of appreciation, then thought it was writing, but in the end none of them can truly improve your life without the proper thought behind it.

It all boils down to one thing, again and again. Its not action, its the thought that counts. I’ve often assumed that the action will make up for sloppy thoughts that were going around my head. Wrong. So all of these routines are great. However, my understanding of it, is that before we do any of these life altering habits, lets get back to basics.

For me, what I’m starting to do, is before I get out of bed I run through a train of thought that goes something like this: I realise that I will always see things I want to improve in my experience, (you could probably go one step further and think: I realise that I cannot, right this minute, have in actual experience all the wealth, health, love, [insert desirable subject] that I want) so I am just going to make the best of where I am, and be done with it. Thats all I’m going to do right now, because thats all I can do.

In short, making the best of wherever you are is possibly the best decision you’ll ever make.

If nothing else, this little post of very much for me, so if you’ve enjoyed it let me know!


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