The Art Of Creation and Life Really Is Awesome

A few days ago I was listening again to an Abraham Hicks seminar, that was talking about the process of allowing. The idea that we need not visualise, we need not make requests, all that is necessary is simply to find relief. Find relief from where you are, look for the thought that feels better. The simplicity of it all often throughs people. I often thought it was more complicated, more convoluted, as if it were a formula that I had to access, and once I had access, all my dreams would manifest right in front of my eyes.

Creation is an active process. Its keeping up with who you have become, you, all that you’ve lived, all your fully formed ideas, wants, and everything else inbetween. Keeping up, by going with it, finding that improved feeling is really the work that you need do. Everything else should be a joy. If its not, then find some relief before carrying on.

It literally is that simple. Life is seriously good. The sooner that you realise it the better. You are better than you realise, far better than you can comprehend. You life, as a result of all that you have lived is there to get seriously good for you. I mean absolutely wonderful. So wonderful that you’ll have you socks blown off, for want of a better phrase, thank you Abraham, by what will show up. Loving where you are, no, not loving, because thats not even necessary, its just learning where you are that’s made the difference to me.

Today, I was working out in the glorious sunshine, my hands were muddy from the soil I was moving, I was surrounded by lovely people, in a beautiful part of the country, and I was happy. I was gardening. It was simple, it was enjoyable, and I would have not rathered be anywhere else in the world. Today, I am a rich man. I am alive, I worked, I enjoyed wonderful food, outside in glorious weather, I exercised, I was having wonderful thoughts about my life, and where its heading. Its about the journey that is important, and today will be remembered as a day where I was rich. Rich in live, rich in living, rich in company, and rich in family.

Its these days, and moments that truly are what life is about. Make the effort to enjoy the journey, and the destination will take care of itself.

You don’t have to figure it all out at once, where you are is really quite good, the people around you are pretty awesome, your finances are where they need to be, your health is where it needs to be. You cannot change anything right now, this instant, other than your thinking, make an effort, find that which pleases you, and especially you, it only needs to please you, and you will find a wealth of power far greater than you ever imagined within you.

Life truly is awesome, creating is easy, enjoy the ride.


A New Definition of Money

Why is it that we want money? Its a currency, its necessary to use it to live, but a very interesting thought occurred to me recently which has completely changed the way I now think about it.

Its not what money is that we want. Its not the number on paper we need, or figures in the bank account, staring idly at us from our computer screen. No, its something far greater. What money represents is freedom. Its is the feeling of freedom that we want.

We don’t want money, what we want is freedom. Freedom from worry, freedom from sadness, freedom from that sick feeling we have in our stomachs when a bill comes in, or our phone rings.

We want that feeling that we can do anything. That if we feel like it, we can just take a plane ride to Rome for the weekend if the moment takes us. Or buy that Audi R8 that we so love the look of. Or buy all organic, well treated beef. Or take the trip to the wine region we’ve always enjoyed drinking from. Its all of those things we want. We want freedom.

So, think about it. How different does it feel to to think about wanting freedom, instead of money? Its somehow lighter, more inspiring, more exciting. Freedom is the new money, and I want a lot of it!

How To Be Enlightened: Remember the World Is Fundamentally Good To You.

Upon looking back at my life, its difficult not see that the most profound experiences I have had, all tell me a commonality which is so prevalent that I cannot ignore it. At its base the ‘universe’, ‘world’ or whatever you want to call it is categorically, and unwaveringly good.

Its so important to keep this in mind when it appears that all is falling down around us. Things always have worked out for me. They, if you’re honest, always seem to have worked out for you.  I mean, you’re here reading this post, so something must be keeping you alive! Continue reading

Morning Musings

If you look at, the world around us actually a pretty well balanced place. Nature in general always seems to be finding balance in one form or another, take a look at how a tree raps around and digs under road and tarmac, or grows in ways that always point towards the sun. Do we ever worry about bees not pollinating plants? Honestly?

Really the only ones who seem to make such a cuffefel that the world is going to end, and there is so much bad going on, is us. We as humans in general seem to be the ones who have the hardest time believing that all is well, and things always work themselves out. The tabloid media thrives off this.

Going for a walk in a park of forest seems to restore this sense that truly all is well and there really is nothing to fear. It’s why disconnecting from the outside world can be a truly liberating experience. Its why when we retreat to the wilderness we are somewhat refreshed and more alive.

Get outside. Look. Wait. Wonder and marvel at how even in midst of chaos, a tree, or a bird seems to just be getting on with life. Its enjoying it. Its living it. I think I can learn something from the bird in the tree.

Internal Shoulder Rotation, and Other Misfits.

Last week I decided I was injured. Or more to the point, I finally listened to what my body had been telling me for…um…about 6 months possibly more.

I’ve been training for some time now. Ever since I was about 10 doing pull-ups on the gangway of our boat (please remind me to put a photo of it some day, it really was gorgeous). I’ve been doing push ups and pull-ups and running, and all kinds of training and exercise for a large part of my life, but up until now I never really considered such things as mobility. More to the point, I never really had been injured (properly) and approached the subject with anything other than frustration.

What I’ve discovered is that being injured, for me, has actually become really interesting. It’s made all kinds  of subjects relevant, and has opened up me to a new thirst for knowledge. Namely in this, self diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors are great, but I’ve been to too many, only to discover I already knew what they were going to tell me (hot and cold, add some ibuprofen). Its now made me realise that we seriously need to introduce kids to the concept of prevention over cure. Continue reading

Be Inspired.

Have you ever been so inspired by someone or something, some idea, that just gets you, and you have to do something about it. I’m sure you have. Its an incredible feeling isn’t it? That pure excillaration of being so infatuated with an idea. Its just amazing.

For those of you in a hurry: In order to experience life to the greatest degree, constantly look for those sources of inspiration that drive you to new heights emotion. Continue reading

Be The Guru…

I’ve always speant a long time looking for my ‘guru’. Someone who will literally tell me, “Archie this is how you should live, and live this way and you’ll enjoy a fantastic meaningful life”. I’m not sure when this spawned out of me, but its an incredibly disempowering belief. That someone outside of you is the answer to all you’ve been looking for.

What is it about this? I’m sure as you’re reading this, you’re reflecting on times when possibly, you may have done the same. Thinking that we need to be told how to live. That someone knows us better than we know ourselves. How wrong was I? Continue reading