Family: The Wonderful Every Day Teachers (and Ego Busters)

Well this is something new. Today I’m going to write, and then title it and see what you think.

I’m gonna talk about family and how they interelate with our lives and how they form such a fundamental part of that stable foundation from which to spring forth and launch out into the world. Leaving us, well equiped to tackle lifes challenges in whatever form they come in. Family is to me, the next most important thing after eating, sleeping, having a place to stay, and comes before dare I say it, sex.

Without family, (insert sense of community and belonging) we are a lonely ship, floating about the sea with little to help guide it. Family is the sails, crew and sometimes advisor to the navigator. My family are deeply important to me, and I’m sure yours are just as important to you. It can show your greatest strengths, but also your greatest weaknesses. In my case, my weaknesses have for sometime been on the forefront of dinner time conversation, however, of late, there has been a notable improvement. Perhaps its because of the way I feel. I would like to say it is, however, a greater change is a foot. By being softer, more compassionate, and understanding, and appreciative of what each member has to offer (and they do have a lot to offer), I am learning, that the very same emotion has been little by little, shining back on me.

Any relationship, the emotion towards one another is nearly always mutual. To give a specific example in my own life, in the midst of a conversation with my Dad, Step-Mum and Grandmother, I began to notice feeling ever so slightly uncomfortable. The reason for that uncomfortable feeling, was that a thought in the back of my head, at the time was saying something along the lines of “these people are boring, I want to be somewhere else”. Its a natural thought for any son who is much younger than his parents and grandparents with a different perspective to think this. However, like all things, this simply is not the case. So, I sat with the feeling, and although it took some time, I began to feel relief and better thoughts came to mind. I’m not going to list them as that gets a little bit boring!

In any case, as I felt relief, the conversation, mood and general feeling of the interaction improved with it. It really is a magical thing to realise, and see in real time how quickly a situation can change with a simplest adjustment of the genuine mental attitude.

Now I know this may seem obvious, and really it is, but as I have been famous for pointing these things out, I figured its worth reiterating this point. Our attitude really does affect our experience more than we can possibly know. I’m doing this experiment, and I can see it turning into a lifestyle. All it takes is a single step in the right direction, so to speak, and the world immediately becomes a better place, because you’re in a better places. Simples.

Why ‘Ego Busters’? My younger brother is beating me in Crossfit, he is fitter, stronger and more resilient than I, that for me, is the most humbling lesson I have ever had. Be kind to your sibblings, they are greater than most of us know.

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