Less Thinky, More Feely

Short and Sweet.

What was it like before we had words in our heads, and all the trains of thought, with pictures and fears and fantasies. Before we had all the clutter, what was it like?

Do you reckon that we as kids felt more, and thought less? Do you remember that carefree attitude of the great days being a child, where the world seemed exciting, filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered. What happened to that?

If you sit and really just become aware of that feeling in your solar plexus, doesn’t it imediately seem to incrementally improve. Just by being aware of what we’re feeling throughout our day seems to make a world of difference. You see, even in the midst of the worst circumstances, we can take the focus back to how we’re feeling, and virtually immediately we begin to feel a touch better?

Certainly in my childhood, and when I was growing up, I just began to gradually ignore this. More and more, until I started choosing subjects like Physics to study at A-level, because I thought there were more job prospects with an A-level in Physics, instead of something creative like Art. Then deciding to go to study Renewable Energy at university, because it was a growing industry, regardless of whether I actually was interested in the industry.

It seems, certainly for me, that there was a point where I just thought more, and felt less. Feeling is seriously the key. To put that before anything else, and find any way you can to feel better.

I’ve only conciously been doing it for three days (properly) and I honestly have been amazed at the results. I’ve felt noticeably happier every day, and am getting better at this every day, simply because I’m practicing whenever I’m conscious of whats going on. Its funny. We really are supposed to feel pretty damn good. Our capacity for joy is far beyond what a lot of us (me included) have any idea of!

Today, think a little less, feel a little more.

One thought on “Less Thinky, More Feely

  1. I absolutely agree! The more we think, the more we screw up the situation.
    And if you sit down and feel about things, and then make up your mind on what has to be done; you’d hear a small voice within you. Which tells you what exactly is right.
    Think only when at work. Otherwise, let your brains chill! 🙂

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