How Blogging is Changing Business; an Amateurs Perspective

Having only been writing blogs on/off for the last year or so, its become apparent that the way I often think about marketing a business is quite different from how the average business owner seems to think of it. A business now has the avenue of a blog, and website, to provide (massive) extra value to their customers. Not only that, but a blog can be more than just a marketing avenue. To some it can be an entity which inspires, and can literally change someones life, just through what someone has written. Now isn’t that marketing?

Blogs are personal, they are more of a self promotion, they allow the customer to see more deeply into the mind of the owner of a business. Writing demonstrates the level of sincerity with which the writer has written. It coveys an element of vulnerability about it, that never really before had marketing avenues been able to explore in the traditional sense of billboards, and television ads.

Its literally allowing small businesses to become mini global empires in their chosen niche, by reaching people from all over the world who speak a common language (and if translated could reach even more). Not only that, but its meaning that a great business becomes more than just a great business. It creates a great community of like minded people who are connected, and brought together by a common interest in the product or service. This is the era that we all have been waiting for, where people are able to connect with others who they never would have otherwise.

A blog (or youtube channel, or flikr account) is a small businesses greatest weapon against the multinational coorporations. The playing field has been leveled, where large companies are now being out done by small creative individuals with a flair that cannot be diminished. It has literally re-written the rules of business, in my opinion, and blown open the flood gates, to sky rocket people’s success, fulfilment, and happiness to stratospheric levels, just through the written word, video, and pictures.

Education in the traditional sense, too is becoming less and less important, with information so freely available, it is possible, to bypass the entire education system and become far more creative, successful,  in much less time by allowing kids and children to learn beyond the syllabus, to learn what really matters. To enjoy learning, to be able to choose their subject of interest and delve deep into it, getting in touch with the best in that field at the push of a few buttons.

Its the authenticity of a blogger which I feel draws people far more deeply than a radio advert, or huge signs above railway bridges. I feel far more compelled to stick with a business that provides interesting little posts, with a few cool videos on the side, than to go after the cheapest brand going. Price is no longer a sole componant, its the long term value, and emotional connection that is made through a blog, which I feel is far more of a reason to choose one business over another. People don’t want things. Its the feeling that having that thing brings, and if the process for choice is made far more pleasent through reading a few thoughtful posts that some business owner has taken the time write, then its way, way, way more likely that that person is going to receive the benefit of the business that customer is providing.

If done in the right way, blogging can make us feel like we know the person we’re buying that product or service from, and in doing so, a real genuine relationship can be formed.

Yeah, in my view, blogs for businesses, are now becoming essential.

What do you think?

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