A Life of Independance, Freedom, and Ultimately Happiness

We all want to be happy. We all want to be free. We all want to live fulfiling lives. We all want that. The main difference seems to be how each of us goes about it. I might be wanting to become obscenely rich and famous (er possibly…), whereas you may be seeking elightenment through living with monks high up in the mountains of the Himalayas. The approach is different, but the end goal is always the same. But is it an end goal?

A post I read and commented on recently talked about this. The particular achievement isn’t the end goal, its the feeling that we thing achieving that target will bring is what brings us to think we will feel better in the accomplishment of it. However this simply isn’t the case.

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way” The Buddha

Think about that for a moment. So if there is no way to happiness, I can just be happy now? Thats right, its elementary my dear Watson.

I’m happy now, then I’m on my way? Yes.

I’m not happy now, I’m not on my way? Yes.

So all I need to do is get happy? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Our habits are so funny. I have to catch myself on this sometimes, you do probably as well. Its weird isn’t it? If only they really taught and practiced this in school! Imagine the turn around. Imagine the difference teachers would approach their subjects, students approach their work. How different that would be?

We all do things, and know of things that make us happy. So why not today as you go about your tasks, think and do the things that make you feel better.

What am I doing to help me be happy? Well I’ll tell you. You may have seen on my about page I’m working on becoming location independant. Well, I have some seriously interesting podcasts to listen about that.

I’ve come across a blog which talks about “wealth as a state of being” substitute the word “wealth” for “happiness” and this makes perfect sense. It is the road that we walk, that makes life interesting, the destination is always the same.

4 thoughts on “A Life of Independance, Freedom, and Ultimately Happiness

  1. Aah…. Wealth. Abundance too has been described as a combination of money, time, friendship, family ties, freedom and not just cash.

    I believe happiness requires no justification . Similar to other emotions. We truly can be … at any time we want to be.


    • Well said! And once we started seeing correlations between our chronic state of being, and the events which occur in our life, then life really takes a turn around, because we then become aware of the choice we have; do I choose to feel better or worse about this?


  2. Thanks for siting my blog!

    The interesting thing about all this, for me, is that we all think we know what will make us happy. Anything we want is because we think it will make us happy. So, we focus there, on what we want… which only leads to a life filled with wanting. Because you attract what you think about (which is ‘wanting’).

    If we focus on the happiness instead, not only will we be happy now, but all sorts of amazing things/people/experiences will rush in that match that happiness. Because you attract what you think about (which is ‘happiness’)

    And likely, you’ll be surprised to discover that the things you thought you wanted were just a tiny glimpse of what was really waiting for you! Let the universe SHOW you what truly matches your happiness, instead of you trying to tell the universe.


    • No worries, it was a great post.

      You’ve knocked the nail on the head! I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks for the input, awesome insight, literally, right now, you have broadened my thinking, thank you!!


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