Job Hunting, Wine and Crazy Ideas

I was job hunting yesterday, it was fun. I never take these things that seriously, (well someone has to). I am in a situation currently where I can be a little more relaxed about looking for work as there are always things to do at home, so I’m never really left to ponder (well not that often at least). Isn’t it funny, that when you have a job, its somehow easier to find (and get) others. Why is that?

The answer seems pretty obvious, in that we’re no longer in a state of need. We don’t need the job, its just something we might want. So naturally everything we do with regards to getting that job is more relaxed, centred and light hearted. But what about everyone who has not got a job and ‘needs’ one? Simples, pretend that you have one, make yourself busy by finding things to do that really are interesting, even if its voluntary work, it might be cleaning out the garage, it might be washing the car, or helping with the village fete (I’ve never done that!) that way, a job is more of an addition to an already busy life, and is not there to fill a void. Now this might seem hard, but its really not. By having things to do, our mind is distracted, all we have is the task at hand, and even if its only for the 10 minutes which we’re doing that task, we don’t have time to worry, we only have time to focus.

That is all. So why the wine? Well when I was going to check a place of work, to see if I liked it, my brother and I needed to get some wine for my Dad (it was his birthday the day after) at the local Waitrose. In it we were disputing over which wine to get him, because although I love a good bottle of wine, I don’t really know enough about it to choose something I haven’t already tasted. Well, the man there running the wine area started talking about the different types of wines. In this case it was Chateauneuf-du-pape, now I’d heard a bit about this wine, aparently it was quite good, but it was also more expensive than I was willing to pay. What was really interesting was that it turns out that it is actually a village in the South of France, and the guy picked out a wine that was from the same village just across the valley from the vineyard of Chateauneuf. Now I was far more likely to choose the slightly cheaper wine instead, simply because now it had a story behind the label. Ultimately in products it is the story behind it, which differentiates between them. Wine is a particular example, where this is probably one of the most important selling points (other than that it has to taste good!). Its about the story. Why is the relevant? Well I became so interested in this style of selling that I decided to apply for a job at wine merchant later that day. Whether I get the job or not it doesn’t matter, I’ve had a great experience from learning about this one wine, (which I hope tastes alright) and has pointed me in the direction of a very interesting blog about it, which I’m sure I will be reading more of in the weeks to come.

The crazy idea, is that I have an engineering degree, yet imagine if the first real job I get is learning to manage a wine merchants! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Job Hunting, Wine and Crazy Ideas

  1. Hey there, nice blog post. There are so many different stories to be told, so applying for a wine merchant is definitely the best way to learn, and that’s what I encourage Majestic staff in every store to write about on their own store pages.

    Will, Majestic Social Chap

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