Let the Games Begin, An Experiment of One Month

Tomorrow, I’ll be beginning the next passage to build another habit which I trust will be interesting. This habit will be two fold. In getting up earlier, I’ll be looking to make it one of the first things of my day to create something. I’ll be giving myself 15 minutes the first week, and see how that goes. 15 minutes to create something fun. 15 minutes of just looking to produce something worthwhile (or not as the case may be). It maybe a video, it may be a blog post it may be something completely different from that, the intention is not anything specific, just 15 minutes of fun. This will most likely be straight after my list of appreciation, so it is I hope to become part of my morning routine. To make the first part of my day dedicated to moving towards a life of creativity in whatever form that takes.

If I like it, I’ll extend the time from 15 minutes to 20 the next week, 25 the next, and then 30 the week after that. Although thats not so important its just seeing what comes out of it. To see whether its possible to produce something worthwhile every day. Its simple, its easy, and it is supposed to be fun. I’ll be posting a short tweet to say that its been accomplished right after the 15 minute mark. Thats much easier than just posting here. Although it may be the same if its a written creation. Anyway, it should be a lot of fun, and so lets see where it goes!

One thought on “Let the Games Begin, An Experiment of One Month

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