Decisions Decisions, what will you choose?

No matter how big a so called mistake you make, it can always be reversed. I learnt this on a number of occassions, but the one which sticks out the most is one I made to leave my academic career behind in the middle of the exam period. I left for roughly one month, in a mad crazed frenzy determinded to go and become a fisherman in Tahiti (seriously that was what was going through my head at the time). I managed to get as far as Spain on what was left of my student loan (I know!!) with my car, a few items, and that was basically it. I came back, hat in hand, feeling quite sorry for myself, and £1000 or so, in debt. I thought my life was over.

It wasn’t until I went back to the university to attend a black tie dinner for the rowing club, and a friend suggested that I try and see if they let me back on the course. Amazingly, they did. Through all of this, it really helped me understand that no decision is ever so bad that we cannot forgive ourselves. That we cannot come to enjoy being in our own skin. That even when we feel like we’ve made the biggest mistake of our lives, we can always, and I really mean always, get back on track. Whether its getting over a lost soul mate, or getting into more debt than we feel we can ever possibly pay it all back.

Like I said, we never ever get it wrong, and never get it done. When we get to one level of perspective, there will always be points that we want to explore further. We never ever ‘get there’ or make it. We are always growing. Indecision boils from the idea that we might get it wrong some how, that we will get off track. However, this is never the case. We never get it wrong. Ever!


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