Position, Power and Mobility, a 1, 2, 3 punch in fitness.

Strength is a skill. Period. I’ve seen little guys absolutely blast through the backline of a rugby team, have the strongest hand-off ever, and be the hardest to bring down, and their so-called beast get brought down with really bugger all effort. That is the difference between big rugby players and strong rugby players.

A strong rugby player knows how to use their body effectively and often makes a far more prominent appearance in a game, either for or against you. What is it that makes these guys so much better? Obviously a good deadlift helps, with a powerful hip drive, strong core and unbeatable ability to do press-ups, but there is often an highly crucial aspect left out of certainly 90% of all the training I’ve done or been used to.That my friends is mobility.

It has been like a revelation stumbling across Kelly Starret’s Mobility Wod having come across it when reading another brilliant blog Marks Daily Apple (did I just link two different blogs in the same sentence?! I sure did!) . It has completely changed the way I think about training, and has solidified something I had been getting at for a while before I found it.

Who’d have thought that my anterior (front) hip flexors had been so short all these years (er well duh, you work at a desk, those puppies have spent most of your life being contracted!). Now this might not seem like too much of a problem to the average person, but if you’re trying to improve your squat, or reduce the chance of injury then this stuff needs to be addressed. Here, try this. Its absolutely heinous!

This will be the first of many, this subject is fascinating. I guess thats all for now, and I’ll be posting a few gems soon.

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