Practice Makes Perfect

Alright, you’ll probably read this and think its a train of thought. It is. [As you’ll see there are self criticisms inserted]

I’m impressed that having only written for a few days that people have already somehow found this blog. I am both flattered and now feel pressured to produce work that is worth reading. Why else would I publish it at all? I suppose it is because my desire to create something worthwhile is pretty strong, who’d have thought? All in all, though, you are still reading my train of thought and so I might as well make it a good one!

So today, like every other, we are faced with choices [Oh no he’s going on a self indulgent rant about how to live life! ahhh!! leave now, leave now!!]. As I have been reading, we are all implicitely motivated, and that everything we do, is because we believe we will feel better in the accomplishment of it. [I am doing my best not to edit myself as I write this as it spoils the flow [second edit, what the hell am I on about?].

I read a lot, and study a lot, [yep, why are you telling people this?] and watch a lot of clips because I believe it helps me to understand better what it is that I am pursuing; happiness. There is a flaw in this though. We only learn (and I should really know this) by experience. By personal, emotional experience. That is the only way.

Who I truly am is a teacher. I love teaching in all forms. I think if you’re reading this its safe to say that there is some part of a teach in you. I love to travel, I’m sure you do to. Travel is one of the best teaching experiences there is. Travel also is one the greatest learning experiences.

Now the challenge I put to you is, can you, even for one measly minute, (although feel free to go longer) look at where you are, where you live, where your routines are, and pretend that you are traveller beamed into this experience and you realise there is still a lot of this life to see? Could you do it? Could you look at your village, town or city through the eyes of someone who has never been there, and has travelled specially for the experience of being in you location, in your life, in your job, in your family, in your social group? What would they do? What would they do differently? How interesting that would be?

I just got bored of writing this, so I went and stretched (or mobilised as KStar would say) and then realising my nails were a bit long went and cut them bastards off, I made a cup of tea, had some lunch, then decided to listen to a few youtube clips, and re-realised what I was doing this for, and went for a short walk on the hills above my house where I met up with some lovely people. I was purely doing to feel good and as I was feeling good the universe responded with some wonderful manifestations, first with feeling good, then…well everything else as I am learning is irrelevant.

So whats the message. Is that as long as we read and are inspired, or watch and are enthralled the creativity of the person who made that film or wrote that book has done his or her job, but, and its a very big but, the real magic happens when we apply the teachings, or reminders for a better word, to our own lives and truly practice it. Practicing that state of joy, the state of enthusiasm is more important than anything else. Do it anyway you can. You were not here to achieve anything, you have no need to justify your existance, you are here to have fun, so lets be like kids and treat every day with the same wonderment as if it was the first day of our lives here.

By seeing, or more importantly feeling for the things that make us feel good, the pride that comes with that is second to none. To find a way to truly love where we stand right here, right now is the greatest and most important skill any of us can ever learn. Go out and try it.

Today, no, even for one hour now, make it your sole priority to do that which pleases you, to think thoughts which please you, and only do that. See how it goes. I reckon you will be amazed at what happens.

Ok, you’ve had my spewing of thought. Now see what I write about next!

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