A Life of Learning

I love learning. I really do. Something that is challenging, interesting and fun is possibly the best way to spend my days. I simply cannot learn enough, and hope that I continue to actively learn new things for all the days of my life. Its the best experience, its the best fun, and possibly the most important thing to me is to keep learning. I simply love it.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if in school we were allowed to learn whatever it was that we wanted? Schools becoming facilitators of learning, and allowing kids to choose what they studied, with the knowing and the faith that kids are pretty good at figuring it out.

The internet does this pretty well. It is very much a perfect reflection of life itself, in that it is what you make it. Lots of people use the internet every day, but each one has a unique experience. Some use it to network with friends, others use it watch videos or films, and there are those ones, some who I look forward to being some day, are those whoes entire livelihood and source of income comes from the internet. These people have learnt how to leverage it to allow them to live a life I can only imagine how wonderful it must be.

To wake up in the morning, look in your inbox and find that in the last 8 or nine hours of sleeping you have made £2000, or more. Imagine the prospect of that! Imagine the fun of learning how to do that. Even making your first dollar online must be a phenomenal experience to do. That is something I would love to learn how to do!

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