This new laptop stand is badass!

Ok, I couldn’t resist writing this. I was lying in my bed thinking about this, and whether I should write about what I’m about to tell you, but just thought, fuck it, I have nothing better to do tomorrow, why do I need to go to bed early. Although saying that I literally just yawned.

My brother’s new laptop stand is badass. Its honestly one of the best inventions I’ve used recently besides the car, (thank you Henry Ford). I no longer have to sit down to do my work, which I prefer not to.

Most blogs seem to be a little self indulgent, and if you’re thinking this about what you’re reading here, fuck you! I’m writing this because I like writing.

So yeah, the whole exploring your goals thing is pretty much a load of bollocks. I’ve been there done that, and certainly not bought the T-shirt. My self help reading antics have only lead me down paths I really am not proud to say I’ve walked. There are literally a few people who I believe are the real deal. I may be quite wrong about this, but I’ll give you an example, and probably a suggestion of people that are definitely worth reading.

Tucker Max, this guy is no holds barred (I hope I spelt that one right) honest badass mofo who what you see is what you get. His stories make awesome reading (first came across him when sailing across the atlantic, gosh I’m well travelled!) and have been glad I found him. There is no BS when it comes to him,  and I truly admire him for that. I read his hilarious first book “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” watch out for the drunken incident in the triangular hotel lobby.

Timothy Ferriss, again, a frank, but more polite writer, who is an impressive guy, who seems to just about be curious about everything, and then goes about becoming insanely good at it, in an incredibly short amount of time. I cannot recommend him enough. He also found his voice, in that he writes in a way that he would be talking to his best friends. No flower required, just the plant as it is rooted. Two books he’s written both have been extremely useful and best sellers.

A strange one for me, is Abraham Hicks, listen to the teachings, type “abraham hicks introduction” into youtube and you’ll find the whole story behind them. I believe that we are part of a greater knowing that each of us has access to. These guys translate that in a very coherent manner, and honestly talk a lot of sense. Its often so simple that many struggle to understand it (gotta love overly analytical thinking), which has included me in the past, so I can claim to be no self-made saint of the orient (why did I write that?). I already mentioned them in the previous post, but its worth reading them for the sake of it, just realise that there is little need for reading too much of them. In this case, less can be more. Its worth being open minded with this stuff because it damn well works, it might not be worded in a scientific manner, but what they teach is very practical. Read Ask and It Is Given for further info. (Ok I’m going back up the page now to fill out more reading for the other two guys).

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is as real as I can be in terms of reading list, and how I’ve laid this out. Any questions, get in touch, I’d be happy to hear from you (unless you’re complaining, which if you are, keep it to yourself).

I plan on being me as best I can with this blog. You got a problem with that, go somewhere else.

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