In Medias Res

I honestly can’t say that this is a new beginning. Its not. I’ve written it many times, and allowed myself to be filled with excitement and enthusiasm about the new project. Well, honestly, I am excited about this new project, but I’ll make no quarms as to the fact that I there is no beginning, and there is no end, it just is. All I’m doing is documenting my thoughts and intentions online, entirely for myself, and my own satisfaction in writing, the process of. If you, the reader receive any benefit, then that is brilliant also, but I am making it clear from off set, that writing this will and only be fun for me. That is what I’m looking forward to.

If you’ve found this blog its probably been found by pure chance, as I won’t be actively publicising it. So well done, you’ve found a blog that may be hard to find. It might not also.

I literally am writing this like a school boy. Oh well. Ok, I’m going now. You’ll hear from me later.

Ha ha, fooled you! No, I came back and edited it after deleting a comment.

So where am I? Well, before I say anything more, lets keep in mind that everything is temporary my current life situation is this:

I’ve just graduated university. A 2.2 if you must know, in Renewable Energy, at Exeter University. But thats not all of me. I’m a 6’5″ male, I am currently training crossfit three or four times a week, I love it, I want to do more in the fitness industry. Its something I’m obsessed about. I’ve pretty much been that guy since I started doing chin-ups on my Mum’s boat, and showing off how strong I was. I’ve always wanted to feel proud of my body. That is something that is very much who I am. I like coaching. I like teaching. I love trying all kinds of sports, and I like writing (well obviously!). Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice, but I’ll let you form you’re own conclusions on that one (although you’ll probably have to have a conversation with me in person to really get a sense of that).

So yes, that is but a tip of the iceberg that is me. I’m learning in all areas. I’m curious, and I like to do things in my own way, and I like to decide for myself if I want to do something before I do it (well mostly), so I would deem myself pretty independant, almost avidly.

What I’m intending (i’ve got bored of talking about where I am so I’m going to talk about where I am going and how I’m going about getting it), is to try something. I’ve spent the last few months reading and learning about the Art of Allowing from Abraham Hicks, who I highly recommend. The basis of its teachings is that all we need to do is practice constantly feeling as damn diddly good as we can feel in any given moment. To treat ourselves each day with the respect of someone who regardless of circumstance they deserve to feel good. Its putting feeling good above everything else. So, that’s what I’m doing.

I’m going to be writing down my experiences following my decision that every day I’m going to treat myself the best I can, and make my only work, above everything else, to feel good. My reasoning is that the more inspired our action, the better the results. I’m going to look for the inspiration first, and trust that the action will follow.

Meditation followed by writing in a journal is one of my morning habits. I like it, and it normally sets my day up to be pretty good. I’m looking to enhance this, by really getting into it and looking to feel good as much of the time as possible. Yeah, that last statement was pretty clunky and pretty obvious.

Basically, I’m looking to feel good. That is all. So to give an example today I sun bathed whilst doing mobility exercises on my shoulder and back. It was great, I felt very in moment doing it, and that is what I am looking to build on. To be unself-concious in my day. To recreate the essence of childhood, or that feeling interest and curiousness, that childhood brings in my everyday experience, in as many dang forms as possible!

Its cool. Its liberating, just to let myself off the hook. I’m going to make a point of only doing that which is inspired and see how it goes. So, lets talk tomorrow, and see what other things come out of it!

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